The Tao Of Badass Review

The Tao of Badass is a system that sheds light on the reason some guys can pick up any girl at the bar and others always leave alone. According to the author, Joshua Pellicer, the difference comes down to technique. He claims that any man, given proper instruction, can duplicate the success that natural “chick magnets” enjoy without making any special effort.

Josh Pellicer goes on to assert that most guys defeat themselves with false beliefs, dooming themselves to failure before they make their first move. For example, if you were to believe that only tall, handsome, successful men have a chance of picking up beautiful women, this belief would manifest itself in unconscious behaviours that will all but ensure failure.

What the Tao of Badass will show you, is that guys need to reprogram themselves for success using the techniques he has developed. Based on the rave reviews the system has received, these techniques are well worth the price of admission.


The Science

The techniques Joshua Pellicer recommends in the Tao of badass PDF are based on actual psychological studies. The author spent years poring over clinical studies on attraction and interpersonal relationships, and his findings are what led to the writing of the guide. He treated himself as a human guinea pig, experimenting with hundreds of different approaches and keeping careful data on the results. He then began sharing his techniques with others and recording their experiences. As his experimentation continued, clear patterns began to emerge. Some techniques resulted in consistent success, and these are the methods Josh Pellicer continued to study, tweak and improve.

After several years of perfecting his most successful techniques, he sat down to create the system now known as the Tao of Badass. While no guide can promise universal success, the testimonials customers have left for The Tao of Badass are overwhelmingly positive. There is clearly a method to the madness, as thousands of men have vastly improved their love lives after following the program.


The Details

The Tao of Badass starts off by discrediting many of the common assumptions men have about picking up women. These are referred to as self-limiting beliefs, and the author suggests that they be replaced with new beliefs that facilitate success. There are a number of exercises used to alter these beliefs and create a mindset free of the roadblocks most men currently operate with. A large portion of the PDF guide and video course is dedicated to this reprogramming, which is considered to be a crucial step in the process of becoming a bona fide lady killer.

Once the barriers to confidence are eradicated, the guide tackles the more subtle details involved in an expert-level pickup. These include:

  • How to read a woman’s body language
  • How to use your own body language to project confidence
  • How to carefully choose your words when engaging in conversation
  • How to read a woman’s lips from a distance

In addition to these details, a number of scenarios are discussed along with the appropriate strategies to use when faced with them. Examples of failed pickups are also discussed, and the author troubleshoots each example to identify where the poor chap made a wrong turn and how you, the reader, can avoid making the same mistake.

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A Valuable Guide

The information presented in the system clearly has merit, and the video format it is presented in, along with the PDF guide, makes it very easy to digest. The step-by-step approach removes the barriers to success one by one, and the result is a completely different mindset and significantly improved results. If your luck with the ladies can use some improvement, get your hands on The Tao Of Badass today.

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